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Serious allegations have been made against me by the President of the University of Lethbridge and by the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors. I have formally requested that the University of Lethbridge either (1) bring formal charges against me so that I can clear my name (which they know I can do) or (2) explain in clear and full detail why such allegations were made in the first place by the President and senior members of the Board. The University has refused to do either. I told them if they chose that route, I would be forced to take the matter to a different level. And here I now do that.

Given the way the matter was initially handled, given how the incident was investigated, given the routine justification of administrative action by administrators (Dean’s Office, President’s Office; Board of Governors), given the hostile environment created by administrative responses, and given the atmosphere of gossip and innuendo, I maintain that it is necessary to have a full investigation of the initial matter and the various developments from that. Since every level of the university’s administration is compromised, such an investigation should be done by a neutral third party—perhaps by the press.

Until that time, I am providing an account of my encounters with the administration and senior Board members of the University of Lethbridge. I will address the allegations they have made, and I will challenge the way that the administration and Board of the University have conducted themselves in these matters. Further, I will point out the double standards that seem to come into play almost routinely.

— Tom Robinson

The University of Lethbridge


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1.1    Preamble
1.2    The Incident and Investigation
1.3    The President’s Response
1.4    The President’s Story
1.5    The Board’s Involvement
1.6    Secret “Board Meeting” #1
1.7    Secret “Board Meeting” #2
1.8    Abuse of the Concept of Confidentiality
1.9    Exposing a Student to Risk
1.10  Protecting Administration at the Expense of Students and Faculty

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