The Report of the Auditor General

Criticism of the Research and Finance offices of the University of Lethbridge
At the beginning of October, the office of the Auditor General for the Province of Alberta released a report on public institutions in the province. Many problems were identified in the Research and Finance offices of the University of Lethbridge. Note, in particular, pages 223-232 of the Report of the Auditor General.

(1) Have complaints about these offices, made either by staff in these offices or by faculty, been properly investigated by the University?

(2) Two individuals who raised questions about the conduct or procedures of these offices have been terminated. From this, a number of questions arise.
(a) Should the individuals who were terminated now receive a formal apology from the University?
(b) How much did it cost the University in settlements and legal fees as a result  of these terminations?
(c) Should the terminated individuals be offered their old jobs back, perhaps with promotion, for their diligence and integrity in an environment where serious problems existed?
(d) Does the termination of such staff create an atmosphere of fear in these offices, making it less likely that staff will call attention to problems for fear of a loss of employment?
(e) Who approved the termination of these individuals and was there any conflict of interest in such terminations?

(3) Does the criticism of the Auditor General not raise questions about the abilities of senior administration in these offices, under whose supervision such an environment developed, particularly when these administrators had staff who were prepared to point out problems?