WORKPLACE BULLIES AND THE ACADEMY: Lots of comments about people’s experience with bullying in universities.

THE NOLAN REPORT: The report, commissioned by the British Prime Minister, offers seven principles of public life. Public institutions in Canada could benefit from making such principles part of their policies.

BULLYING OF ACADEMICS IN HIGHER EDUCATION: A blog against bullying. From the site: “The bullying of academics follows a pattern of horrendous, Orwellian elimination rituals, often hidden from the public. Despite the anti-bullying policies (often token), bullying is rife across campuses, and the victims (targets) often pay a heavy price. ‘Nothing strengthens authority as much as silence.’ Leonardo da Vinci - ‘All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men [or good women] do nothing.’ Winston Churchill.”

THE BULLYING BOSS: An article by Anne L Jefferson (University of Ottawa) in Academic Leadership: The Online Journal 4.4 (Feb. 12, 2007). A check list of evidence of academic bullying, and to the point observations: “Leadership has mistakenly been assumed to be a quality processed by all individuals who have positions of authority.” “The tolerance of administrative bullying is costly to every aspect of an organization.  The cost for the academy and society is exponential.” And a quote from Daniel Elash (2004) “Bullying is a sign of emotional immaturity in a leader.”

BULLYING RIFE ACROSS CAMPUS: An article by Anthea Lipsett in The Times  Higher Education Supplement (16 September 2005).

BULLYING IN HIGHER EDUCATION: A website of the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line.

WORKPLACE MOBBING IN ACADEME: We all know about bullying in the workplace. What about administrative mobbing?

THE CORPORATE CORRUPTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION: Start here for various reports and links regarding the close association between some universities and drug manufacturers.

SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT BLOG: A long list of stories related to questionable research or practice, some of which have universities at their centre.

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Do you know of stories on the web that relate to administrative practice in public institutions—particularly practices that have a “banana republic” quality to them? Please send me the link and I will consider adding the story here.